Monday, September 28, 2009

Play my hits.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to go well? Today I got in my car and was heading through the parking garage when I thought "man, I wish I had the Wilco CD in so I could listen to it." (I had MJ's Number Ones in, if you were wondering.) Since I'm SUCH a responsible driver, I didn't reach into the glove box and search for the album; instead, I turned on my radio to 90.3 KRNU, the University's radio station. A song was ending, a DJ came over the air, and then...TAH DAH! Wilco's "Deeper Down" started playing. Not 30 seconds after I had thought it. It put me in a TOTALLY ROCKIN' AWESOME MOOD for my entire drive tooooo.....

....the gas station! I turned off my car so it wouldn't explode when I filled it with gas, and thought "man, I've had Radiohead's "All I Need" stuck in my head since Aaron said something about it earlier this morning," {If you're wondering if I often refer to myself as "man," I do.} Paid for my gas, got back in my car, a song was winding down, and then I hear the beginning chords to "All I Need."


I was wicked pumped. The KRNU bandwidth god read my mind for the 10 minutes I was in the car. Totally made my Monday not only bearable, but quite great.

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