Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday musings (on a Tuesday, of course!)

Let me tell you about my morning. I jumped in the shower at 7:30 to quickly get ready for my 8:30 Spanish class. I was walking out of my room at about 8:05 when my roommate asked me if my class was canceled this morning.
I stood for a second.
It's Tuesday, not Monday, which means that that stupid class starts a half hour earlier. Dumb. And because there was a holiday yesterday, I wasn't adjusted to being ready to go to class at 8. It kind of soured my entire day. I skipped class because by the time I would have got there it would have been about 8:20, and the teacher HATES when people are late. She's told us to not even bother coming to class if we're going to show up late. So, I didn't bother. And it's irritated me since then.
Last semester I took Spanish five days a week and the merciful schedule allowed the class to start at the same time every morning. Seems like a "duh" to me, but that's. not. the. way. it. works.
So, enough of that.
This weekend I went home, and Aaron drove down through the night to spend time at my parents' home. We ate cake, got tuxes picked out, lounged around the pool, experienced a Texas high school football game (and my sister's drill team's halftime performance!) and went to my church at home. Aaron's never met my childhood pastor, who's going to be officiating our wedding, so he got to (very briefly) meet him. It made me really happy! Then I drove back to Nebraska and stopped on the way to see A's brother and his wife and their new home. It's adorable and we enjoyed a delicious supper.
Now it's back to the grind. I can't wait to finish this semester already.
So I guess I should have titled this "Tuesday whine time" instead of "Monday Musings," as all I've done is complained.
Also, I need to get a veil. It is a direct requirement from my mother. Immediately. Like, last Friday. So... that's what I plan to do sometime this week. Wa-hoo.

I got an e-mail from this teacher tonight:
Dear all,
Excuse me for not attending to class at the regular time. I thought it was Monday and not Tuesday so i got there 20 minutes late. I apologize for the inconvenience and promise we will catch up on the work tomorrow and Thursday.
See you all tomorrow,
So my pit-like stomach? Yeah. Probably more than half the class was gone by the time she got there. Pretty sure the rule's like 10 minutes if the prof. isn't a PhD. and 15 if he or she is. So. I suppose I got my cake, ate it, got food poisoning and then quickly recovered.


Chelsea said...

i enjoyed reading this musing

Emily Anderson said...

i did not enjoy living it.