Monday, September 14, 2009

Humble Thyself.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Gel

Neutrogena Acne Therapy System

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash- Pink Grapefruit foaming scrub

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash- Pink Grapefruit facial cleanser

My face feels like a rubber band. I think the best thing you can do after a good long blood-shot-inducing cry is wash your face, scrub your face, moisturize your face, and put clearing stuff on your face. It makes the lack of control of previous cry-face reverse completely to rubber band face.

Why cry face happened is not pertinent; getting rid of icky face is. Pictured above is my newest, latest, grape-fruitiest morning and night cleansing routine. Today I got the grapefruit stuff to wash and scrub. I had been using the set (picture 2,) but I left the face wash itself at home over Labor Day weekend. So I'm substituting that wash with the grapefruits.

Using the lotion and sunscreen during the day and lotion only at night.

Using the fade fighting fast frenzy freakout gel, too. Day and night. Seems to be clearing scars, though I'm not sure about fast-fighting.

The reason I'm writing all of this down for all of the world to see is because I am an awful, terrible, no good, very bad face washer (at night time). There is nothing I love more than going to bed the instant I am tired. And those 5 minutes of washing my face? I have neglected them for far too long. And my face shows it. I should be embarrassed, but I'm kind of over that right now. And I know that in order for me to be really ON IT, and to NOT LET MY FACE LOOK GROSS ON MY WEDDING DAY, I'm going to need 100 percent diligence. It might even be too late. But I'm going to try, every night, for the next 97 days, to make a visible change in my routine for my face.

I am not affiliated with/sponsored by Neutrogena. I don't know why I bought all of that brand. But I did. And if someone from Neutrogena reads this and feels like sponsoring my next 3ish months of using their products like I have promised, I will guarantee you a honest evaluation. If your stuff works like it says it does, then you have nothing to lose.

So, here's my humbling post. It's an admittance of things I'm really uncomfortable talking about and facing. Thanks for listening.

Good night.


ash said...

You can do it!!!
I like washing up a while before bed so that way when I am ready for bed, I can just climb in... AND not bleach out my pillow case... well, more than it already is. : )

Also, your posts crack me up. Sometimes when I sit down to blog, I think, "WWEW?!?" (what would em write...?"

Last thing- I hope you start to feel better!! : (

Emily Anderson said...

thanks Ash!!! I miss you. !!!! Please come to Neb. soon?

David said...

The Pink Grapefruit scrub is amazing. I used it a while back!

And I'm sorry about the nonupdates from Montreal.