Sunday, July 26, 2009

surprise! we're moving to europe

That's my plan, at least, after Aaron graduates and we're not bound to any place. The crazy thing about marriage is there are two people who have to come to an agreement on a plan, though. I've dreamed about this since I was little, and as far as planning goes, it's something that seems feasible. I'm a word whiz and he makes movies. English seems to be in demand in most places (not to get too anglo-centric), and, as far as the film thing goes, it's just as realistic for him to find jobs in European towns as it is in the States. (That realism, by the way, is tempered by the fact that there is a low low low placement rate. So when I say it's realistic, I'm saying the lowness is about equal.) It's hard for both of us to deal with unknowns, so going all "Revolutionary Road" is kind of out of my league. But I want to so bad. We'll see.

{london bridge courtesy}

{did you get lost in amsterdam source}

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Chelsea said...

That will be quite the move~
Keep me posted on this plan as it seems I too may possibly be living overseas for a short - but extended (year) - period of time if Ash moves back to Kuwait to fly. Luckily for me, Dubai needs biology teachers and reef restoration biologists. : )

Where in Europe dearest?

Emily Anderson said...

No clue. Aaron loved London when he was there. Seems like a good place for film. Who knows, it could all be a far-fetched dream. But what's life without them?

Tia said...

I vote London. Just because. That said, since I've been to the first two places on your list, I think you need an experienced tour guide...I may or may not be needing a job in 5 months, just in case you where wondering ;)

Katie said...

Do it! Paris owns my heart and I would love to live there. But London is awesome, too! Live in Oxford - it's lovely.