Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's the deal.
I'm going to sleep with my windows open tonight.
Yeah, it may not seem like a big deal.
But trust me, it is.
I don't think I'll die tonight. My parents and sister are supposed to be here tomorrow. What are the odds that someone will cut through the screens and rob/kill me 12 hours before I am supposed to see my family? Probs pretty low. So I'm going to try.
If I do die, I just want you all to know that I always felt I was sort of clairvoyant. So this will be my last post, and it's kind of a victory post if I become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I swear, I'm probably not crazy.
But tonight, it is hotter inside than outside.
I'll try it. And if I make it tonight, I'll {maybe} try it for the next 30 days.
Because, honestly, I don't feel like I'm supposed to die here.


Laura said...

I like how the tag "work" is used 6 times. "Psychobabble" comes in second with 5.

Emily Anderson said...

yeah, well. it's too bad we can't tag our though processes. because psychobabble would be dominant.

Laura said...

but of course.