Thursday, June 25, 2009

what day is it?

could you please tell me?
what day is it? i'm confused, you see...

Working these hours has me a little confused as to the day of the week. Working a newspaper doesn't help, much, because we're always preparing what will go in tomorrow's paper. So yesterday (which is still today to me, since I haven't slept yet) we were working on today's (tomorrow's) paper, changing all the Wednesdays to yesterdays and the Fridays to tomorrows. Tonight was also my first night alone to the presses. The ink was shiny on my fingertips; I got to see the spines travel through the warehouse, each holding a hot-of-the-press (literally) edition of today (tomorrow's) Cape Cod Times. 

Oh, and my housemate, Juliette, got a wireless router today. Internet, at last! 

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