Monday, May 18, 2009

more 'bout the dress

Aaron, if by some chance you're reading this....

STOP! you don't want to see these pictures for seven more months. and this applies to anyone else who might not want to see the dress.

Today was the second time my mom and I have looked for dresses. The first time was, honestly, a little joyless. I just didn't know what I wanted, and I'm not one of those people who expects to find a dress and know "it's the one." Still, I found nothing I loved. A few maybes, a few likes, a few more dislikes, and some absolute NOs! 

We left with some magazines and a list of dresses I tried on. And, for me, a disdain for mermaid silhouettes and drop-waist gowns.

Today, we went to another place. I knew that they carried the brand I wanted from browsing online, and I went hopefully and without a single dress in mind, with the expectation that if I went without expectations of a single dress, I would be more likely to find one (or maybe more) that I liked.


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