Friday, May 15, 2009

goodbye=not good

just finished a long looooooooooooooooong night of packing and cleaning aaron's apartment up. his room wasn't too bad to clear out, but the bathroom was gross [i think bathrooms are gross in general; his wasn't bad at all] and the kitchen was crazy. we probably threw away 5 boxes worth of food that was left by others, etc. ps- don't leave scallops *opened* in the freezer. barf.

aaron's working on a set being filmed in lincoln right now, so he's got to be awake at 4-4:30 a.m. after loooooong days. he wasn't too thrilled about staying awake all night to clean. he's working on a RED camera (oooooh) and though yesterday was just his first day, he's really enjoying it.

this morning, we carried out all of the linens, etc., from his room and put them in the fit. tommy was stuck between the piles of cloth; his little tail looked funny poking out. i wish i had a picture. 

it made me sad to see my boy(s) go, even though i'll see them sunday (for brunch) and then the next sunday (for a week in florida) before we're apart for a few months. i can't wait to marry him. can't wait.

aaaand on that note, we took engagement pictures tuesday. i'm hopeful to load them sometime before june so you can get a taste of the fun we had. did you know he is the only person who makes me smile (genuinely) on camera? chalk that up on the reasons i love him. 

anyway, i'm home now. and get to attack MY packing and cleaning. ick. it's already a humid day, and i'm not looking forward to driving through town to the storage unit. shadesville much?

{this is tommy (left) and my lamb, russell. they're buds.}

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