Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dress part 2

back to the dress story.

i tried on several dresses (gowns, my mom kept saying, gowns) and i didn't love any of them. i asked the kind lady assisting us if they carried any of a certain line i loved from magazines, and she said that the did. she told me she'd be back with a dress she thought i would like based on things i already told her... when she walked back in to the dressing area, i LOVED the dress she  held. it was one i'd seen somewhere (magazine? online?) and fell in love with, never actually expecting to cross paths with it.

i'm not a bead girl, at all, and i was thrilled to see that this dress had barely any while still maintaining femininity and grace. i tried it on. it fit like a glove. !!!!!! no way. nooooo way. if you know me, you know i'm short and giving it a valiant effort to get in to better shape, so when this dress looked good (dang good, if i can say that!) on me how i was RIGHT THEN, i knew it was special. 

special. yes.
the one? 
it took about 10 other dresses and a night to decide.

my advice to brides-to-be? bring a camera with you and snap pictures of you in different dresses. you'd be amazed what you like, what you love, and what you hate when you see pictures. for me, loving "the dress" didn't really set in until yesterday. but now, i keep looking at it from the pictures we took and online and a little sad i won't be able to try it on before i leave for destin (it's being stored where we purchased it). 

i thought about posting a picture (not of me in the dress, just of the dress) but decided that i didn't want to. it's special to me that only me, my mom and my sister (my MOH) have seen me in it. but maybe, maybe, as time draws closer, i'll cave.

also, i thought i'd talk a bit about the veil. beadwork=veil to me, until i was standing there, in the dress, on that stage, and had a veil on. my future MIL and SIL both told me that having a veil really "made" the bridal experience bridal, and now I can attest to that fact. LOVE the veil. 

so yes. I probably forgot some information, but that's about all the blog world needs to know :) 

...that, and i'm looking for a pair of killer gold heels to go with the dress.
no ugly white shoes for this girl!

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An American in India said...

I can't wait for your wedding. :)


And I love the gold heels with your white dress. You are a true rockstar. :)

Love you lots!