Friday, March 13, 2009


I post a lot about my fiance, but don't really say too much about the crazy, hilarious, intelligent, beautiful, ad infinitum ladies I love living with. We are LATE :)

Lauren- She's the "L," generally the one who picks us up when we're down and tightens the slack when things between us get sloppy or tetchy. She's in-your-face honest and makes me laugh. We procrastinate together. Slogan: "If you wait 'til the last minute, it only takes a minute." We go to concerts together, and she's always in charge of the playlist.

Amanda- the crazy one. With four sisters, welcoming the three of us as if we are, too, is nothing to her. I love her devotion to things she's passionate about. Manda spent the summer learning and loving with kids from "the dump" in Honduras, and it's apparent that her heart's in communicating love in any way she can with kids like this. She's also the one who will interrupt your story. Over and over. And we love it.

Tia- She's my suite-mate, apartment-mate, roommate and one of the most caring, thoughtful and truly intelligent people I've ever met. We think on the same wave length, probably because we've lived together for three years through bad haircuts and bad break-ups, and we haven't killed each other yet. Tia's also a neat freak. Future husband of Tia's: load the dishwasher or face her wrath. 

I wonder what they'd say about me. It's been a great adventure to share in the lives of your best friends for three years. I don't know how we do it sometimes, but I am glad we try. In ten years, I hope our kids' names spell out something ridiculous, so they can have painted letters on their walls, too. And I hope Amanda's kids don't have red hair. Just. Saying.

God is good.

End of our freshman year. Long to short hair (ugh).
Aww, we were so little!
More freshman year, more bad hair. But good hearts :)
the L-A-T-E crew.
@ Nebraska City Arbor Day Farm Fall 2007.

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lngarcia said...

ALWAYS in charge of that playlist. i'll tell you a story about it. AND it'll be interesting.