Sunday, March 1, 2009

Black Panther Bearings and other skater lingo.

The Little Tikes Sport Coupe. 
We found replacement wheels, so it looks like the little car's going to last another 23 years.
PZ skateboarding.

Aaron doing fancy things.

This weekend Aaron and I drove back to his home in McCook. We enjoyed time with Mama and Papa Nix and the girls- Ivory, Melody and Lily; they're fluff-ball Bichons and Aaron's babies. Ivory is 119 in human years, and she's the one in the picture. It was fun to talk about wedding stuff and enjoy the nicer weather. We were inspired by a beautiful copy of the Constitution in Aaron's dad's office and may have our colors picked out... sorry, Planet America/Patriotman fans; they're not red, white and blue. 

I really enjoyed being at home this weekend. Even though it wasn't my home, I'm so grateful to the Nixes for their love and willingness to make me family. They are such a blessing ( and I don't use that word lightly)...

Aaron got out his skateboard and his Little Tikes car and we rode around his back yard. Lily freaks out when Aaron spins his skateboard wheels and runs underneath the couches, we learned. All in all, a beautiful weekend with a beautiful family. Glad they're going to be mine :)


Tia said...

Your fiance's a skater boi

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

aweesome pictures!