Monday, September 29, 2008

thank you

Today, I am relishing life.
-Figured out how to sync itunes hard drive thanks to
-aaron, whom i will celebrate one year with tomorrow (yea!)
-finished work early despite an icky fever
-celebrated a midpoint in birthday week for my best friends: Tia turned 20 Sat. and Amanda's 21 Wed.
-got a really lovely picture frame (see bulleted item 2--he's always early)
-felt the first chilly breezes of fall
-read 1 maccabees and really enjoyed it
-read some other things that made me almost as happy
-learned some exciting news about my best friends wes and laura
-saw a picture of gus, my puppy, from last Christmas
-enjoyed a delicious mocha after work
-relived a first date
-got to talk to my parents for longer than a minute

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Laura Clontz said...

You ought to write on here. I enjoy your words.